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Candur is an unique reed innovation

We have already had the opportunity to complete a number of great Candur projects. One of our first projects, in 2015, was a completely new house in Rijssen, Holland. In December of that year, the first bit of artificial Candur thatch went up on the roof!

Creating a Candur artificial thatch roof is done layer by layer and bit by bit. In this particular case that was not an easy job! The roof had all kinds of different dormers and corners, so we had to be very precise, which wasn’t always easy… But it was also a great challenge.

The owners of the house opted for the light coloured thatch. This type of thatch has the yellowish aspect of a ‘freshly roofed’ natural thatch. The great thing about this type of thatch is that after being in the open air for a year or two, the colour starts to change. This colour adapts nicely to the weather conditions. On a sunny day it
turns bright yellow, while the thatched roof looks a bit grayer on a winter day.

The Candur artificial thatched roof has exactly the appearance of a natural thatched roof. After 6 weeks and 12,000 pieces of thatching, the owners were able to enjoy this wonderful result. A distinctive home… with a unique roof!

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