Candur® is made of high-quality PVC with a special cellulose additive for that beautiful reed structure. Over the years, Candur’s ageing process will give the roof a light, uniform, weathered look. This is a completely natural process that Candur also shares with natural reed. But in the case of Candur, this weathering will not affect its lifespan. In fact, Candur reed has a significantly longer life expectancy than a natural reed roof.

The unique characteristics of Candur artificial thatch
After many years of research, experimentation, checking and validating, we developed Candur: a high-quality PVC plastic that, thanks to the addition of cellulose, has a beautiful thatch structure.
We have been able to develop Candur thanks to our knowledge of thatch and thatched roofs, and have enriched it with the properties of plastics. Not only does that make Candur a great product, but it also offers many advantages over natural thatch. By constantly developing and using the latest technologies, we continue to optimise the quality and appearance of Candur, a product developed and produced in the Netherlands!

A natural appearance
Candur has the same beautiful and rich appearance as natural thatch. In addition, thanks to the use to high-quality plastics combined with cellulose, this artificial thatch is hardly distinguishable from real thatch. And did you know Candur is used the same way as natural thatch?

A high insulation value
When using natural thatch you have to keep in mind that there is always a risk it will rot. This risk leads to a lower insulation value. When using Candur there is no such risk: you can be 100% sure of that! The artificial thatch has a 300% higher insulation value than that of a natural thatched roof.

A long service life
A natural thatched roof usually needs to be replaced after 25 to 30 years, but a Candur thatched-roof will last longer. Why? Because Candur is comparable to plastic frames. Plastic frames usually last for about 60 years! This long service life makes artificial thatch – like Candur – a very interesting product to use.

Candur is made of PVC, which is a flame-retardant material! No coating or spray on natural thatch can match that. So when opting for Candur your fire-safety concerns are a thing of the past.
A natural thatched roof absorbs moisture. That makes it a perfect breeding ground for algae. Birds and vermin love a damp roof too. Candur is rot-resistant and waterproof. In fact: the artificial thatch is self-cleaning. You will never have to go up on your roof to clean it yourself!

Widely applicable
Natural thatch requires a roof inclination angle of at least 45 ° for it to dry quickly. Since Candur is waterproof and rot resistant roofing using Candur only requires an angle of 20 °. The application possibilities of Candur are therefore much greater, a very interesting fact for architects and thatch contractors.