Scholarship Eigen huis

20, 21 & 22 September the Eigen Huis trade fair is once again organized in Utrecht (Jaarbeurs). Candur is also present again. We welcome you to our stand! For free tickets please contact us.

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Candur is the thatch innovation

After many years of research, experimentation, checking and validating, we developed Candur®. Its development was based on knowledge of thatch and thatch roofing and the desire to preserve the beauty of thatch. We also wanted to add important characteristics to thatch. Candur® has been thoroughly tested on aspects such as material quality, durability, application possibilities and of course cost. The final product offers everything you expect from a natural thatched roof, but with …

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Candur is an unique reed innovation

We have already had the opportunity to complete a number of great Candur projects. One of our first projects, in 2015, was a completely new house in Rijssen, Holland. In December of that year, the first bit of artificial Candur thatch went up on the roof! Creating a Candur artificial thatch roof is done layer by layer and bit by bit. In this particular case that was not an easy job! The roof …

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New artificial cane production line

It was after many years of research, experimentation, checking and validating that we started producing Candur artificial thatch in 2015. To this day we are still developing our product to make the thatch look and feel more natural. We have had some great results! Recently we started a new production line: Candur 2.0. This version of artificial thatch is finer and more pointed than the earlier one and will give roofs a very …

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