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New artificial cane production line

It was after many years of research, experimentation, checking and validating that we started producing Candur artificial thatch in 2015. To this day we are still developing our product to make the thatch look and feel more natural.

We have had some great results! Recently we started a new production line: Candur 2.0. This version of artificial thatch is finer and more pointed than the earlier one and will give roofs a very different look. It is a real upgrade to an even better and more natural product. Candur 2.0 is available in different lengths, which gives it even more application possibilities than Candur 1.0.

Together with our team of engineers and plastics experts, we have been working on this updated version for the past two years. We are therefore proud that we can finally release it. Despite the considerable growth of our company, our products are still made in the Netherlands. We think it is important that Candur remains a Dutch product, our pride!

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